Every device we manage gets a software toolset and a maintenance plan that is designed to lengthen the life of that device.


Do your backups just protect a few files on your server? Are your backups checked regularly to make sure they are reliable?


Work with software and application vendors to get you the support you need for your line of business applications.

Lexington KY IT Support

Why are we different?

Pelycon uses engineers from start to finish, instead of salespeople. This ensures you have experts focusing on what you need, rather than increasing profits. We do this because we aren’t your typical IT company. Sales commissions don’t factor into our recommendations because we believe that using engineers who know technology, not just buzzwords, helps to build a foundation of trust that promotes a long-lasting relationship, which is at the heart of who we are.


We are interested in keeping your business running smooth and preventing downtime. We call this Business Continuity, and we want to help you customize your own “Continuity Solution”. That is, a solution that fits your expectations and bottom line.


Pelycon strives to assist you in making educated decisions about your business needs. We explain the latest products, services and software in easy to understand language, so you are aware of how they benefit you. The technologies we implement fit your needs, rather than gimmicks that pad a sales commission. Not all technology is beneficial for every business, so we will never sell anything that doesn’t align with your goals.

Top 5 Cyber Threats

Facing Organizations



Detected malware infections came through compromised email.



Incidents involving CMS programs are increasing.



SQL injection is the most common attack linked to data breaches.



Attacks on mobile devices grow by an average annually.



Attacks on targeted business networks last less than 90 minutes.

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