A cyberattack can end a small business for good, but Pelycon will keep you protected.


HOW WE HELP: Vulnerable businesses in Central Kentucky need advanced IT support to keep them protected and operational as cyber threats emerge and evolve. Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the resources to hire expert in-house teams, but Pelycon Technologies has an affordable solution.


Problem: When an organization was let down by their fairly minimal cybersecurity tools and fell victim to a ransomware attack, they gave Pelycon Technologies a call. The best way to reduce the odds of a successful cyberattack is to set up robust defenses and backups before they’re needed—prevention, not reaction. However, this business had already lost their data, and their systems were infected by malware. The ongoing situation halted operations, and the expenses were mounting.

Solution: When our technicians arrived, the first step was to carry out a comprehensive assessment of all systems. We collaborated with the organization’s leadership to learn about every component of their IT. We then began the process of removing viruses and implementing patches to fix security holes. These new security systems—as well as cybersecurity training— would defend the organization from future attacks.

Result: It turned out that the company’s data wasn’t actually lost, but rather inaccessible due to the ransomware. We were able to recover their data, thereby allowing operations to continue as they had been. Because small businesses are always bombarded by phishing emails and other threat vectors, we now provide this client ongoing support and monitoring to minimize the risk of successful attacks in the future.

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