Computer Workstation Support Lexington Kentucky

Essential Protection

First things first. Every server and workstation get antivirus and anti-malware. On top of that, our monitoring software monitors your PCs and servers to make sure you get the best performance and can act quickly to resolve trouble. We monitor for activities that could shorten the life of your computers and automate routine tasks to keep your computers running smooth and efficient. When issues can’t be resolved tickets are created for our engineers to troubleshoot and bring issues to a full resolution. Finally, we make sure that the critical and security patches are installed on all of your systems to give you the multi-layer protection your systems need to keep you safe from threats.

Microsoft® Office

Office 365 is a very cost-effective way to stay on the latest version of the most productive Microsoft applications out there. We can include Office 365 and many other software subscriptions to keep you productive and round out a great offering for all your users.


Our tools have the added benefit of allowing us to run the reports you need to make informed decisions on your technology assets. We can report on the problem areas your network is having and help put together a PC replacement program that helps you keep your business productive without too much cost at one time. This approach, along with our regular maintenance can deliver a much more dependable IT environment that virtually eliminates the downtime that can cripple a business.


Every device we manage gets a software toolset and a maintenance plan that is designed to lengthen the life of that device.


Do your backups just protect a few files on your server? Are your backups checked regularly to make sure they are reliable?


Work with software and application vendors to get you the support you need for your line of business applications.

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