What is your recovery plan?

Do your backups just protect a few files on your server?

Are your backups checked regularly to make sure they are reliable? If your server crashes, how quickly can you recover your data to get your business back up and running? Or are you even running backups? Our backup solution checks these boxes and more.


You can set up backups for free or spend thousands per month on different solutions. You can get backups of just important files, or the entire machine. Getting backups is not the hard part. Using backups to recover and keep your business going, that can be the challenge. IT providers talk a lot about their backup solution. At Pelycon, we have a recovery solution. We use a combination of onsite hardware and great software to give you a recovery solution that translates into minutes of downtime rather than hours or days.


Using security solutions and data recovery solutions, we strike the balance between prevention and preparedness to deliver a continuity solution that works for your budget and your process.


If you are tired of the unpredictable IT costs from month to month, tired of not feeling important to your current IT folks, or simply want to find out if there is a better option, give us a chance to show you how we can help your business thrive.


our strategy for your success

From day-to-day support to long-term strategic consulting, our fully managed approach takes charge of your systems and processes to maintain efficiency and uptime so you can focus on your business.

We perform a thorough assessment to identify vulnerabilities, then implement security software to keep your data protected. Plus, 24/7 monitoring detects attacks the moment they occur to mitigate damage.

With planning, budgeting, and strategic support catered to your long-term goals, Pelycon isn’t just your IT team. We’re a partner that’s committed to making your plans successful well into the future.

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